February 17, 2020

In the process of rebuilding the blog with gatsby. I apologize for the dust, broken links and broken images.

Anime Winter 2020 First Impressions - Retcon Edition
January 3, 2020
anime, first impressions, retcon seems to fail very quickly on even the most basic SQL types. I think if you are doing a project from scratch and you have a very vanilla data model, Prisma might make sense. However trying to pair it with an existing database, you quickly find out where all the assumptions in the abstraction break down.

Decided to go with knex + apollo-server as flexible SQL abstraction and feel it’s just at the right level.

Sidenote: Being forced to deal with a data model I built 17 years ago (and really didn’t know what I was doing) is really trying my patience not to just say “burn it down” — How many people have something still in production they wrote 17 years ago?

God of War

Took advantage of the PS Days of Play sale to pick up God of War and Marvel’s Spiderman. Been meaning to play both games for quite a while, so nice that I could pick them both up on sale.

Final Fantasy XII

With Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age being released on the Switch, I realized that I never finished it on the PS2 (wow that was a long time ago). I think this will be a very good game to commute with.

I’m holding off replaying FFVII in light of the Remake announcement — I’m excited to play that again as I really don’t remember much about the story other than high level bits and pieces.



A pretty good (but short) yuri story that is getting an anime adaptation this year. At only two volumes, I suspect the adaptation will be a short, but I’m holding out hope that a director will make it a full cour and explore more of the character dynamics that are only implied in the manga.

Pen to Chocolate

Pen to Chocolate

Ending felt rushed… Ironic given the subject matter. The first chapter has a very rough translation, but it gets better so don’t let that turn you away.


2018 Anime Carousel
November 11, 2018
anime, carousel

Successfully (hopefully) forked netlify-cms, a couple of tweaks, and I can now post micro blog content!

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